Meet Dave Friendman
He 10x'd his business & went from working 80 hrs/wk to taking 15 weeks of vacation each year...
Check out this video to hear how Dave was able to implement tracking systems, increase productivity, and build a sustainable real estate business without getting burned out and overwhelmed!

Dave's Results:

  • 10x'd his business 💰
  • Reduced his work hours from 80+ hrs/wk down to just 12 hrs/wk 🕰️
  • Built up a team that allowed for predictable & consistent growth 📈

About Dave: 

Dave started in general brokerage in 2013. He was focused on making the most money he possibly could, while working over 80 hrs per week. His business was hurting his marriage, as well as his family and friends. Dave knew he needed systems and processes in order to truly scale his real estate business, but didn’t know where to start.

His Work with REBS: 

What Dave needed was a step-by-step process to learn how to track and systematize his business to create consistent results, increase ROI and optimize scaleability. He found it. He was able to build a team and use the processes to implement the systems. After that, he was able to increase his revenue and his time with his wife, family and friends.

The Results: 

Dave has been able to 10x his business since starting to work with the coaches at Real Estate B-School. He has created predictable and consistent growth and keeps his team members motivated and accountable to meet their numbers every week. 
Agents with training from Real Estate B-School make 20x the median income for agents.  
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