Meet Tyler Goff
He drastically reduced his work hours, increased his revenue, and built a quality team of agents 
Listen in as Tyler talks about how partnering with REBS allowed him to level up in his business by growing his team and increasing his revenue without having to sacrifice time with his family. 

Tyler's Results:

  • Built a solid team of agents 👨‍💻
  • Reduced his work hours to exclude nights and weekends ⏰ 
  • Has more time to spend with his family 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦

About Tyler: 

In 2010, Tyler started building his team in the hopes of scaling his Real Estate business. But he quickly realized that because of the lack of structure in his team, he would soon hit a dead end. He really wanted to grow his business, but not at the expense of spending time with his family. 

His Work with REBS: 

Tyler reached out to Lars to see how REBS could help him turn things around. He started off my doing a 1-year vision, 3-year goal, and a 10-year goal. Having a clear plan allowed him to see past the present and focus on implementing tools and systems to help him build a sustainable business. 

The Results: 

By establishing a clear vision and implementing the REBS tools and systems, Tyler was not only able to build his team and increase his revenue, but he now has more time freedom than ever before which allowed him to pursue his lifelong dream of completing seminary school. And best of all, he can dedicate more time to the people that matter most to him - his family. 
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